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The Southern Way Special Issue No 03

Evacuation, ARP and Enemy Action
RRP: £14.95

This really is a rather special album.

Compiled mainly from an archive that has remained hidden for almost 60 years, the photographs depict the Southern Railway in its darkest days.

Bombed stations, burnt out trains, derailed stock. How the railway managed to survive is a wonder - one might even ask the question how did these photographs survive as well.

Obviously the London termini feature, but so do locations as diverse as Norwood, Malden, Southampton, Plymouth and Portsmouth, to name but a few.

There is so much to see and much detail to absorb.

At the time the press photographs show what he public were allowed to see, this is what really happened, although hardly any were ever seen at the time.

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ISBN: 9781906419165
Binding: paperback

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