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The Southern Way 05

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The Southern Way - Issue 5 (January 09)

The double page spread at the start of this issue features Victoria following an October 1940 air-raid.

Editorial Introduction

A brief introduction to this issue from the editor.

Sir Sam Fay - London & South Western Days

Arguaby the best General Manager the LSWR never had. Written by his grandson, William Fay, this remarkable piece affords a unique insight into Sam Fay as he progressed through the ranks by ability alone. It also affords a glimpse at the working practice of the LSWR during those days.

Bridge over the River Torridge

Three sides of views showing the construction and replacement bridge at Torrington, at the time the Torrington & Marland Light Railway was in the process of being converted to the North Devon & Cornwall Junction.


An unusual view of a sempahore signal and a telegraph pole, both attached to the same bracket at Stone Crossing Halt.

Basingstoke Part 2

A second instalment from Roger Simmonds on the history of this major station. This piece covers the rebuilding in the earlier years of the 20th century and includes drawings and track layouts. The story includes reference to the lines serving Park Prewett Hosiptal and also towards Alton.

Private Owner Wagons

Two views of PO open wagons, the home stations of which were Horsebridge and Portsmouth.

Real Atmosphere

Rod Hoyle is back with views of steam at Salisbury and Basingstoke. Victoria

To be released at the same time as this issue, is 'George Heirons Southern Collection - Waterloo to Ilfracombe'. George also took a few SR views other than on the western section and those of his of Victoria, depicting the concourse in the late 1950s and possibly the very last steam hauled 'Golden Arrow' are shown.

Victoria, December 1949 - Revisited

Further information relative to the article on the 1949 Victoria accident (See SW No 3) has come to light. Included is a facsimile reproduction of a contemporary newspaper cutting, as well as full details of the rolling stock involved.

The Swaying Footplate - Part 2

Norman Denty's reminiscences have now reached the Bournemouth area in the early 1940s, with stories of train working to Poole Quay, Weymouth and around the 'old - road'. Illustrated by Norman's own photographs and a remarkable bird's-eye view of Bournemouth shed from the camera of S C Townroe.

Romsey LSWR - Industry, Enterpise and Family History

No excuses for veering away from railways slightly here and into the realms of early 20th century local industry. The fascinating story of a family and their engineering business. Accompanied by a number of remarkable unseen LSWR views of the area and from the same collection.

Southern Shipping

At last our promised notes on SR shipping. Bert Moody's knowledge of the marine operations of the Southern is probably without equal and he has provided detailed captions to illustrate six pages of views.

The Proposed Railway to East Wittering

Keith Smith - of Middleton Press fame, affords an interesting set of notes on proposed expansion plans for the Selsey Tramway. Illustrated also with views that may not have been seen previously.

Scenes from 1950 - 1952

Seven pages of views, at the time taken for personal interest, but now part of a wonderful record of the goings on around the Woking - Esher - Guildford area (mainly) in the period referred to. Main line services, working and delayed, as well as stored locomotives and freight workings are seen.

Terry Cole's Rolling Stock Files No 5 - a trio of brake-vans

Three different brake-vans, one from each of the SR constituents, is described in detail by Terry.

Permanent Way Notes - Third Rail items on the Southern Part 2 'Southern Conductor Rails'

Graham Hatton's detailed look at this often ignored yet vital component of the SR. Much new information, probably unknown to the enthusiast and follower is recounted.

'Rebuilding' the letters and comments page

Due to no other reason than space in previous issues, we had to temporarily curtail the letters page last time. Here it is back, not quite with all the comments received (space again), but certainly some, including much useful feedback and supplementary information on the topics covered in previous issues.

The Kent Coast Electrification Phase 1

Jeffrey Grayer recounts the history of the first stage of the 1959 electrification, describing the area covered, options considered as well as the new timetable and stock provided.

Colour Interlude

From the camera of Maurice Hopper. A sad yet nostalgic look at the days prior to and immediately after July 1967 when once proud steam engines are a shadow of their former glory.

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