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Southern Way Special Issue No. 5 'Wartime Southern Part 2'

RRP: £14.95

'From Dunkirk to D-Day'.

Following on from the success of the first 'Wartime Southern' volume, published at this time in 2009, we present another varied selection of material from the wartime period.

As before there are images of damage and destruction, but as befits the title, we commence with the build up to and return from Dunkirk, featuring both rail and marine.

The war output of the various Southern workshops is also seen and there is a section on damage to the running sheds and locomotives therein.

Not forgotten are the new locomotives built in the period, both Southern and LMS, as well as repairs and refurbishments to existing stock.

We conclude with more on Ambulance Trains and the loading of ferry wagons at Southampton consequent upon 'D-Day'.

There is even a view of a German rail wagon complete with Nazi symbol on the dockside at Dover!

Product description

ISBN: 9781906419370
Binding: paperback

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