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Steam Around Bristol

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Key Points

  • Informative Captions

  • Vast amounts of new & unpublished photos




When it comes to the Great Western Railway at least, Bristol has a claim to fame probably second only to London. The intended destination of Mr Brunel’s embryonic railway more than 175 years ago, both symbols of the cities of London and Bristol were incorporated into the GWR’s coats of arms and remained as such until the GWR ceased to exist in 1947


In view of its importance, it is not surprising that Bristol quickly developed as a railway centre not just with the GWR but later with the Midland Railway, subsequently expanding into the docks and major industrial complexes as a consequence of increasing trade.


In this new, all colour book, local railway expert Gerry Nichols explores the expanse of lines and trains using the rich material of the prolific photographer the late Mark Warburton. Contained within is a veritable feast of steam engines and early diesels, some on main lines, some on branch lines, some static and others on shed, as well as forays into the docks and comparisons where duplicate routes and resources had once existed between competing companies.


Product description

ISBN: 9781909328655
Binding: hardback
Dimensions: 273mm x 215mm
Pages: 128 pages
Photos/Illus: 250 colour images

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