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Accepted as the UK’s foremost aviation heritage reference book, the 21st Edition of ‘Wrecks & Relics..
First published in 1961, this unique series has built up an enviable reputation as being the referen..
The information herein is unbelievable. This is an enthusiasts book par excellence. I find it diffic..
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Wrecks & Relics 21st Edition

Author: Ken Ellis
How many exhibits are there at Duxford? Where did Cosford’s ‘Cold War’ exhibition get its aircraft from? What happened to the RAF’s Jaguars? Where can I see a Constellation? How do I discover the aviation heritage of the South-West?

Only one book can provide the answers... A household name since the 1960s, Wrecks & Relics has earned an enviable reputation as the most informed commentary and the best reference source on the UK and Ireland’s aviation heritage.

This biennial ‘bible’ is eagerly awaited by curators, restorers, operators and enthusiasts alike as a trusted and hard-working reference. It charts the current status of museums, collections, workshops, military and civilian instructional airframes, derelicts and ‘long forgotten’ airframes.

Arranged on a geographic basis, Wrecks & Relics is a fabulous touring guide; providing the details of visitor attractions large and small; including exhibits, locations, opening times, contact points, web-sites and much, much more.

Individual aircraft entries include potted histories and helpful comments, providing a unique examination of the state of our museums, ‘warbirds’, classic and vintage types, ‘propliners’, restoration projects, imports and exports.

Product description

ISBN: 9780859791342
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 234mm x 156mm
Pages: 320 pages
Photos/Illus: Over 190 colour photographs